Ordinary Perspective, Thesis statement

Ordinary Perspective

Our lives are dominated by moments and scenes that one would not normally expect to see as a main scene in a movie. These are the moments of anticipation and often what we perceived as boredom. Although these are not the moments that are always the most memorable, these are the times that make the movies and life real. Our lives are dominated by slow moments with little bits of excitement, humor, anguish and disappointment, which shine brighter in our memory. I am using the vessel as a contained environment to highlight these parts of daily life. The vessels embody both a physical space and create a new environment for my narrative drawings.

In my current work I am working with narrative imagery to describe the human condition, focusing on human interactions, clear non-interaction and isolation. My work emphasizes the “in-between” moments of life, the mundane, quiet, or unnoticed moments that make life full, and put the excitement into perspective. Without the slow and quiet times of rest, the excitement and meaningful parts of our days would get lost. My work has always been about people and human narratives. Recently I have been working with depicting parts of life that we do not usually feel the need to talk about. These are the in-between times, passing time while waiting for something to happen. My work shows a representation of an ordinary day. Emphasizing the more dull aspects of the day to make it more special when the viewer finds the illustrations of the memorable and more exciting moments of interaction dialogue and humor.

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